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The ‘opengov’ conference and strategic summit is being jointly organised by Open-N.I., OpenIreland and the PARTERRE project.

Open-N.I. and OpenIreland have a shared mission to:

“strategically promote awareness, understanding, development and uptake of free and open source software across both the private and public sectors, as well as enhancing the competitiveness of the indigenous software sector by exploiting the opportunities offered by Open Source business models.”

PARTERRE is an EU-funded e-Participation project with partners in Itlay, Germany, Finland, Cyprus and the UK. The consortium intends to validate the market perspective of two electronic tools: the Electronic Town Meeting for citizens involvement in agenda setting and the DEMOS-Plan application for stakeholders online consultation in spatial planning. The goal is to provide a complete “turnkey” solution (both technologically and methodologically assessed) to European public authorities.

Organising Committee

Chair - Jonathan Wallace
Brian Cleland
Brendan Galbraith
Suzanne Martin
Maurice Mulvenna
Larry Mc Curry
Mel Mc Intyre
Colin Turner